Your Privacy Choices

Opt Out of Sale of Personal Information or Sharing or Processing of Personal Information for Targeted Ads

You may opt out of certain processing of your personal information, including for targeted advertising, under applicable law.
Targeted advertising is when we or our partners display ads to you based on your personal information that is collected across different businesses.

As explained in our Privacy Policy, Wonderbly and our advertising partners collect certain information from our visitors, such as device identifiers, cookies, advertising IDs, IP addresses and usage activity. We and our partners share this information with third parties or combine it with information from other businesses to deliver more relevant (targeted) ads to you and for related advertising activities. We may also share or use hashed contact information for this purpose. This activity is known as “sharing” or processing your personal information for targeted ads and may be considered “selling” your personal information under applicable law.

If you have enabled a legally recognized browser-based opt out preference signal (such as Global Privacy Control) on your browser, we recognize such preference in accordance and to the extent required by applicable law. You will need to turn this on for each browser you use. To learn more about the GPC, visit the Global Privacy Control website.

You can opt out of this activity for cookies and other identifiers by clicking on the "Do not sell" button below.


  • Even if you opt out through a method above, we can still deliver ads to you, including contextual ads or ads based on our first-party data about you; conduct cross-device tracking to serve you first-party ads directly, or use information for non-targeted ad purposes.
  • We may still disclose personal information as permitted by law, including with our service providers to help us perform certain functions such as analytics, providing and securing ads, and/or reducing ad fraud.
If you have any other questions or requests, please contact us.